Are markets wise, as James Surowiecki suggests in "The Wisdom of Crowds"? Or are they delusional, as described in Charles Mackay's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds"? This quick take summarizes why they can be either or both, and how that shapes our investment recommendations.
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Behavioral finance is a field that merges the acumen of psychology with investments. The field is grounded on the belief that investors are prone to behavioral biases that cause financial decisions to be less than completely rational. In our work and studies here at Monument Group, we come across examples of behavioral biases on a regular basis.
You can’t control everything when you travel. But you can control what you know, how you get ready to get away, and what you do while you’re vacationing. And if you know these common travel mistakes, you’ll be much better prepared to get away and make it a truly great experience.
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The 4th of July weekend is both the unofficial midpoint of summer and the unofficial midpoint of your whole year. While time does fly during the summer months, there's still plenty of year left for you to double down on what's working, course correct where you've slipped behind, and get more Return on Life in the second half of the year.
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Here's a quick and easy four-step process to help you fill up your family's bucket list and get more Return on Life this summer.